Answers to Employment Law Quiz

1.) Does and employer have to provide employees with access to personnel files upon request?

 A: No. Employers may permit it tho.

2.) May employers monitor employees' email and Internet usage? 

A: Yes, if systems belong to employer.

3.) May employers prohibit employees from bringing firearms to work? 

A:  Yes, but not out of work, with permit.

4.) Are employers required to provide employees with rest periods and meal breaks? 

A:   No. The laws do not require it.

5.) Must employers provide employees with sick days? 

A: No. There is no law that requires it.

6.) Must employers pay employees for holidays?

 A:  No, the laws do not require it.

7.) Can an employer escape liability for sexual harassment if employee does not report it to employer? 

A: Yes, if employer's policy requires it.