We represent mostly employees and individuals whose civil rights have been violated in, and/or outside of the workplace. A majority of our clients have been public sector employees including police officers, firefighters, teachers and government workers.


 We have also represented a large number of employees in the private sector such as executives, doctors, lawyers, nurses, engineers, construction personnel, casino workers, bankers and business persons.


We fight for people who have been wrongfully fired from their jobs or whose jobs are being illegally threatened and other serious employment injuries. 

Employment Law. That's it, that's all we do.

We Are On Your Side ...

My Rights Lawyers breaks the traditional mold with a modern and innovative approach. We do what it takes to bring you peace of mind. We want to see you succeed. We have been known to organize protests, speak out at town meetings and to literally fight city hall on behalf of our clients. We have a solid litigation track record and strive to constantly stay on top of the ever changing and complex  employment and civil rights laws.

How Can We Help?

We offer FREE CASE INTAKE and let you know promptly whether you have a case. Stop by our office and talk to our friendly team for assistance. Don't have the time for a visit but would like to talk to a live person?

 Email us or call us with your question and concerns:  admin@MyRightsLawyers.com